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A Scythe of Time

NYMF, June Havoc Theater 2016

New York, NY

Director: David Alpert

Set Design: Starlet Jacobs

Lighting Design: Nick Solyom

Projection Design: Dan Scully

Wig Design: Mark Bailey Capalbo

Photo Credit: Russ Rowland

​NYMF Outstanding Overall Design Award 2016

"Lindsay McWilliams' awesome costumes give this show a professional sheen rarely experienced in festivals like NYMF: The black-clad ensemble looks like they were yanked out of an Edward Gorey illustration, while Margherita's red and green dress makes her look like a particularly sassy Christmas tree."- Theater Mania

"The period costumes (by Lindsay McWilliams) are its most ornate feature"

- The New York Times

"Lindsay McWilliams gothic period costumes were so well designed and thought out and made this production ready to move with little change."- Times Square Chronicles

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